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Recent Donations

$100.00 from Mark Myers

$100.00 from Brian Miller

$20.00 from Kara Kozlowski

$30.00 from Jackie Guttman

$100.00 from Jeremy Angel

$100.00 from Don Rife

$30.00 from Amy Fitch

$150.00 from Ohio Structures, Inc.

Good Luck!

$200.00 from Jim Ruhlin Jr.

$150.00 from Mario Garcia

$30.00 from Lindsay Poluga

$30.00 from David Poluga

$100.00 from Mike Ciammachella

$30.00 from Sara Clark

$50.00 from Richard Keim

$50.00 from William Carter III

$50.00 from Dustin Shifferly

$50.00 from Chris Szabo

$15.00 from Doug Westerheide

$40.00 from Chris Goodyear

$40.00 from Steve Knapp

$10.00 from David Bremer

$25.00 from Brian Mangelluzzi

$50.00 from Mike Moser

$50.00 from Albert Kremiller

$50.00 from Michael Hurless

$50.00 from Dalton Carpenter

$25.00 from Roger Weist

$50.00 from Jerry Sloan

$10.00 from John Brown

$300.00 from Maxim Crane Works

$200.00 from Norm Rados - ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp.


$600.00 from Columbus Equipment Company


$50.00 from Jeffrey Adelman

$50.00 from LumberOne Supply

$50.00 from Adam Lang

$50.00 from Mike Ciammaichella

$1000.00 from Ohio CAT

$50.00 from Kevin Blakey

$10.00 from Adam Lang

Contact: Jim Ruhlin Jr.
City/State: Sharon Center, OH
The Ruhlin Co. -Oaky Finish has received $4145.00 in donations!
The Ruhlin Co. -Oaky Finish has not set a funding goal for their team.
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